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-unfinished, but still something!!-

I need to draw up pictures for this page still and add a few more characters. Well a few for now.. there will actually be a lot. O-o

---Main Characters---

Meeko- Meeko's a British squirrel who wants to take over the world. He always wears a black and green scarf... even in the summer, although it's colors might change on occasion. Meeko can be quite self-centered and talks over others sometimes. Meeko's "best friend" is Nipper, even though he gets annoyed by him very easily and cam be quite mean to Nipper sometimes. Despite that, he likes having Nipper around.

Nipper- Nipper's a shape-shifting demon-puppy. He's rarely angry at anyone and likes to cheer others up, especially Meeko. It's his goal to make Meeko smile--- so far he's been unsuccessful. But that doesn't upset him, not much can. Meeko may only have one friend, but Nipper has many. He likes to make new friends and talks to nearly everyone he meets.

---The Bad Guys---

Tsuki- Tsuki is a kitty that, just like Nipper, can shape-shift. But that may be their only similarity(other than appearances). While Nipper wants to make others happy, Tsuki wants to make them miserable. Tsuki doesn't have any real friends, she may travel with others but she really doesn't care too much about them.They're merely pawns. They don't know this though, she acts somewhat nicer to them. The only people who actually know Tsuki's true nature are Meeko, Nipper, and the Magic Bee.

Krognor Helveta-

---Minor Characters---

The Magic Bee- Sarcasm is his friend. He may have a magic wand that can do almost everything, but most of the time he'd rather you get whatever/ do whatever yourself. He's really not a bad guy, he will help you out if you really need it and he gives out advice, which might not always be too helpful. The Magic Bee loves hot chocolate.






The Magic Butterfly (Kim)

The Magic Fly (Fred)

The Magic Ladybug

The Magic Dragonfly